Our Advisory Services business focuses on the analysis and recommendation of an optimal approach for our clients’ commercial lending Operations and Technology strategies.

Examples of work we have done for past clients include:

  • Develop methods so clients can grow their Wholesale Book of Agent/Lead deals and the number of positions purchased. We work with clients who utilize in-house model operations/software, as well as those who use outsourced service providers.
  • Determine the operating model for managing your commercial loan portfolio. Key factors include number of agent lead deals, plus positions purchased in other large syndicated club credit deals, as well as overall portfolio size and diversity. These key factors help determine skill sets needs, number of operations people required, and the best technology solution fit.

  • Create an effective RFP for software providers, and provide guidance on who the main participants are in the space. As experienced leaders from a vendor background, we can cut a lot of typically wasted time working with vendors to help you truly understand their offerings and services.

  • Conduct vendor presentations, workshops, and scoring criteria for solutions.

  • Negotiate price and the most effective deals with vendors or service providers includes knowing their reporting periods to gain better deals from sales leaders.

  • Create an implementation approach and plan for execution on a selected solution.