Consulting Services

The Lending Practice provides consulting services on a variety of the key commercial lending origination and servicing platforms. With over 20 years of experience in the sector from a technology and operations perspective, our consultants provide expertise in a wide array of software platforms related to the verticals in lending to offering operational expertise in designing efficient business models to run your organizations lending team.

  • Origination/Underwriting – nCino, CME, Capital Stream

  • Loan Servicing– Loan IQ, ACBS, AFS

Our consultants have worked on variety of projects. Some examples of our efforts include:

  • Addition of  Microsoft CRM and Salesforce to Origination area

  • System Upgrades – Analysis, New Module Deployment, Testing, Technology Guidance

  • LIBOR/SOFR upgrades

  • Salesforce Configuration for Commercial Bankers

  • Conversions – Mapping, Migration Programming, Staging

  • New System Implementations – Workflow Design, Configuration, Testing, Integration, Technology Strategy

Aspects of our Consulting Services include

  • Composition of the lending portfolio – Loans that comprise commercial

  • Operational & Processing Setup (Size of team & structured)

  • Volume of lending book (# of deals, loans, deals as agent)

  • Technology & Integration landscape

  • High volume lending processing procedures

  • Customer channels – how borrowers interact with bank & correspondence

  • Challenges & Next Gen Ideas