Become a more efficient lead arranger of loans with multiple participants

Keeping track of commercial loans can be challenging. But with Lender Studio, financial institutions have an effective tool to administer and lead commercial credits that have been participated or assigned to outside lenders. It enables the management of all loan servicing transactions including drawdowns, lender share management, notifications, and more.

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  • Screens and tabs with views into Customer information, access to Agreements, and a view of Commitments, Accounts, and Investment Allocations.
  • Customizable User dashboards that organize data according to user needs.
  • Workflow organized by activities, steps and tasks as well as alerts
  • Checklists that provide transparency and workflow management, ensuring tasks are completed on time.
  • Wizards for actionable items that simplify your ability to input information
Lender Studio Dashboard

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With an efficient, real-time view of upcoming activity, activity currently in process, and already-processed activity without having to run reports throughout the day, managers can track progress and loan activities from start to finish. A customizable dashboard delivers transparency across all activity so managers have the ability to balance and streamline workflows allowing them to work smarter, faster, and concentrate on higher level tasks.


  • Create seamless communication with participants via automated notices.
  • Maintains all of your loan data and activity in a customizable dashboard.
  • Provides managers with tools that ensure efficiency.
  • Tracks progress and activities completed and in process.
  • Integrates with core system accounting engines.
  • Modern UI that’s easy to manage.
  • Visibility and transparency into workflows, unlike outsourced activities.
  • Replace manual processes and spreadsheets.
  • Tracks fees related to different loan types.

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