Our Goals

“Utilizing our extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of commercial lending, we provide high quality consultancy and resource support to help our clients achieve their business goals across the lending value chain.” Paul Spiteri, CEO & Founder: The Lending Practice

Our Services

Our Story


The Lending Practice was founded in 2017 by CEO Paul Spiteri as the foundation for bringing together expertise for the commercial lending industry unlike before.

With over 20 years of experience in the sector from a technology and operations perspective, our consultants provide expertise in a wide array of software platforms related to the verticals in lending to offering operational expertise in designing efficient business models to run your organizations lending team.

Our founder has been a senior manager for large software organizations who specialize in the sector and has created a trusted advisor relationship with banks and financial institutions of all sizes. He created The Lending Practice as the basis of building the vision of having all the requisite knowledge for the lending lifecycle under one roof.

The goal of our business is to provide our customers with consultants who can advise them on every aspect of the lending lifecycle for any type of commercial loan. From C&I to CRE, ABL to SBA, and any other form of loan for commercial purposes. From Lead Capture to Credit Decision, Documentation to Funding, and Servicing to Maturity, we have the expertise to help your organization.

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